Fibre Optics

Tributary will design and install a neutral, single mode fiber network for the building or property.

Building a gigabit neutral fiber network essentially ‘future proofs’ the property for digital transport requirements and maintains the integrity of the riser, conduit or major Rights of Way. 


Neutral Fiber Network


* In-Building (vertical or horizontal)

* Laterals from street to building(s) 

* Laterals connecting multi-building developments

* Serves both wireline and wireless systems

* Evergreen asset as fiber is reused in tenant environments

In addition to Tributary’s neutral fiber network, the company can assist with the installation, relocation and/or extension of third-party fiber networks that currently serve the end user, regardless of their network's location. Given our in-building focus, familiarity with the building typically results in better response times for both tenant and building manager.


Tributary customizes single mode fiber networks to serve occupants or tenants within buildings or properties. Our neutral fiber network ‘artery’ is instrumental for increasing bandwidth and efficiency requirements.  It also serves as the foundation for both wireline and wireless broadband services.


Tributary’s fiber allows greater efficiency for those with access to the property including building managers, tenants/occupants, or telecom carriers (wireline or wireless).


Building managers, tenants, and/or carriers can lease dark fiber to more readily serve themselves or their customers, eliminating the need for additional cabling in the riser. 


Fiber is the desired high bandwidth transport option for network interconnectivity including backhaul for wireless systems. As wireless growth increases, fiber backhaul will be a critical requirement, particularly for 5G.

In-Building Service

Upon installation, Tributary will manage and monitor the network and upgrade technological changes as appropriate.


Both the landlord and Tributary will agree on the appropriate MPOE (minimum point of entry) within the boundaries of the building or property. Most building MPOEs are located in the basement. However, for a multi-building or mixed-use property, the MPOE can be located near or next to the street for better carrier access, thereby creating a neutral network for the entire property. 


As a landlord benefit, in multi-tenant commercial buildings, fiber is reclaimed with tenant churn. Therefore, records will be updated and shared with the landlord. This neutral design and management provides the landlord more control over the network through Tributary. 

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